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Cobalt 2060

Our fully configured NUCs come with high quality components that have passed our strict testing requirements for maximum performance.

Cobalt 2060

Memory (RAM)*

This unit comes with 8 GB DDR4 Memory. Upgrade now and increase your Memory as high as 64 GB at a discounted price.

M.2 Storage Option*

This unit comes pre-installed with a 128GB M.2 SATA SSD primary storage device. Upgrade for more SSD storage or swap it for an NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD at a discounted price.
*See our legal page for our SSD size classification.

M.2 Secondary Storage Option

This unit can be configured with an additional M.2 storage device. Get the most storage out of your NUC by adding a second storage device to your order.
*See our legal page for our SSD size classification.

Operating System*

This is the operating system that will be installed to the primary storage device. Contact Sales if you want your OS installed to a specific storage device or if you do not see your desired OS on this list.

Extended Service Warranty

This unit comes with 1 FREE year of Simply NUC warranty service, which includes part and labor support as well as outbound shipping. Optionally, this coverage can be extended to 3 years.

HDMI Port Accessories

Here is a list of available accessories that connect to an HDMI port. Need multiple accessories for your unit? Check out the NUC Accessories under the Products menu!

Thunderbolt Port Accessories

Here is a list of available accessories that connect to a Thunderbolt port. Need multiple accessories for your unit? Check out the NUC Accessories under the Products menu!

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CobaltWorkstation Laptop

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Cobalt 2060 Workstation Laptop

Base CPU Frequency

2.6 GHz

Turbo Boost

4.5 GHz


GeForce RTX 2060

Max Memory



Intel GbE + WiFi 6

Max Resolution

15.6″ IPS 1080p 144Hz Display

Video Output

1x HDMI, 1x DP (type-C)


2x USB 3.1 Gen 1, 1x USB 3.1 Gen 2, 1x USB 3.1 Gen 2/Thunderbolt 3 (Type-C)

Sleek, Fast, Powerful

Cobalt brings top of the line performance making big ideas happen. The featured NVIDIA® GeForce GTX™ 2060 graphics card brings cutting edge performance. The GTX combines real-time ray-tracing, AI, Deep Learning Super Sampling(DLSS) for cutting-edge graphics processing. Working with the narrow bezel 144hz 15.6 IPS display attractively showcases your work.

Hours and Hours of Workstation Performance

Constructed in a magnesium alloy chassis for a thin, light but durable mobile workstation. The dual-fan cooling system gives maximum performance with minimal noise to keep cool and working longer. This workstation will keep up with your long days, delivering up to 10 hours of battery life while on-the-go. Customizable for up to 64GB RAM and up to 4 TB NVMe/SATA SSDs to eliminate storage bottlenecks while building and training your deep learning models. Cobalt is perfect for your CAD work, medical imaging, complex financial analyses, machine learning, and deep engineering applications.

Premium Workstation Laptops

Simply NUC’s Cobalt mobile workstation is a new design collaboration with Intel, who conducted research and spent hours interviewing groups of engineers and content creators, to learn more about the features and designs they valued most in a mobile workstation laptop. Our workstation was developed to focus on features like the silent mechanical keyboard and connecting using WiFi 6 or gigabit ethernet, enhancing every detail in your laptop. We’ve even included room for two M.2 SSDs to keep all your data together.

  1. Intel® Core i7-9750H
  2. GeForce GTX 2060 6GB DDR6
  3. 2 DDR4-2666 MHz SODIMMs slots, 64GB maximum
  4. Intel® WiFi 6 AX200
  5. 2x USB 3.1 gen 1 ports
  6. 1x SD Card reader
  7. Silent mechanical keyboard with RGB back lighting (US layout)
  8. 15.6″ IPS 1080p 144Hz Display
  9. Power button
  10. 1x headphone jack
  11. 1x microphone jack
  12. 1x USB 3.1 gen 2 port
  13. Kensington Lock
  14. Gigabit Ethernet
  15. HDMI Port
  16. 1x Thunderbolt 3 with Alt-DP
  17. HD IR Camera with Windows Hello Support

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