Our Corporate Leadership Team - Simply NUC

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Aaron Rowsell

Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Rowsell is one of the early pioneers in the mini PC industry and has been in technology management positions for more than a decade. Aaron has an eye for opportunity and the ability to take a vision to reality. Driven and passionate, in just a few short years, he has taken Simply NUC from a start-up to one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. Mr. Rowsell is also an Advisory Board Member of multi-billion-dollar giants Intel and Synnex Corp.


Jonny Smith

Chief Executive Officer at Simply NUC, Ltd.

Jonny spent most of his early career in the Automotive industry. He moved to the tech industry 9 years ago, joining the Simply NUC team 3 years ago. Extremely focused and passionate for growth, Jonny heads up the UK / EMEA business and has grown this to multimillion dollar turnover during this time. He is also an advisory Board Member of Intel. When he is not working (rarely), he loves to spend time holidaying with his family, camping, water sports and motorsports. He may also be found on the track with a racecar from time to time.


Dan Knox

Chief Operations Officer

Dan is an alumnus of Rochester Institute of Technology, and has over 20 years of experience in the computer industry. His background includes logic design, software development, and hardware debug. Dan’s natural inclination toward analysis and problem solving are crucial strengths for the COO of a rapidly growing business. Outside of work Dan enjoys reading, completing puzzles, and listening to classical music.


Charles Abdouch

Chief Technology Officer

Charles is a pioneer in the IBM PC Compatible industry from the very beginning, ultra small to scalable enterprise servers, from integrated circuit and motherboard design to FPGA and PC Compatible BIOS coding from ground up, designing his own processor at 15, operating an IBM System 360 Version 50 for a bank at 16, designing his own PC motherboards at 21 and working with almost every major tier 1 computer company including Intel, Dell, HP, Newisys, AMD, Micron, Sun, Compaq, and NonStop (Tandom Computers).


John Deatherage

Chief Marketing Officer

John has been in the high-tech industry for more than 30 years, including 20 years with Intel and 10 years with Motorola. He played a key role in starting up the NUC business at Intel before transitioning to his marketing role at Simply NUC in June 2019. John enjoys hiking, jogging, and outdoor cooking.


David Bean

VP of Operations

Dave brings 15 years of leadership experience building diverse teams with success in optimizing technology and SaaS operations. Dave now serves our complete lifecycle operations team, transforming from start up to a high value customer experience with increased quality and execution. Outside the office, you will find Dave enjoying time outdoors with his family, friends, and a good Texas BBQ.


Jennifer Meza

VP of Sales

Jennifer brings over 17 years’ experience in Sales experience and Learning Principles with her certification as a DDI facilitator. She has cultivated her skills and knowledge in several different technology industries including; Computer Hardware & Software, 3D printing, IT Sales, and Marketing. She is responsible for the strategic direction, growth, and overall performance of the Sales team with a focus on the Customer experience. In her free time she spends a lot of time with her family at the soccer, and baseball fields with her growing boys.