EasyCAST Support

Here are a few resources to help you learn more about your EasyCAST and help you setup the device.

Is the EasyCAST right for me?

The EasyCAST is intended streamers to help them begin streaming without a lengthy setup process. We have done the work to optimize much of the setup required for a 2-PC experience. The best EasyCAST setup is simple and does require the use of many external hardware components.


The current 1st generation EasyCAST is optimized for streaming. You can expect a 1080p 60FPS streaming experience if you are streaming from this device. However, if your stream involves the use of several additional software applications, such as Spotify, Discord and multiple Chrome tabs, you and your viewers will have a better experience at 720p 60FPS.

Additional Setup Resources

We have provided a few resources to help you with the setup. The setup wizard above provides a setup of guidelines specific to your equipment, but if you would like to print out a full set of general setup instructions, download the EasyCAST Setup Guide.

Setup Video

This setup video, walks you through a simple setup with all the basic HW connections and SW settings that need to be made.

Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting

SimplyNUC is pleased to offer world-class customer support. As you run into issues or have questions about your device’s capabilities, please visit our FAQ page. If you still need further assistance do not hesitate to reach out to use
at easycast@simplynuc.co.uk