Embedded Edge Server - Simply NUC

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Keep your business data and information safe with Simply NUC Mini Computers.


Put AI at the edge with industrial strength computing capabilities.

Take your edge computing to the next level

Simply NUC Mini Computers get the job done when it comes to edge analytics and computing, providing high bandwidth to pass data up to the cloud, but highly capable of performing more urgent real-time tasks on premise.


Customize your experience and build up your NUC from scratch – harness the power of Post Oak, Austin Beach, or Chaco today!

The control is in your hands

Simply NUC Mini Computers give a whole new meaning to living on the edge. Stay in control of your business.



Companies of all sizes all over the globe have turned to mini computers to increase ease of use and maintenance. Simply NUC has a variety of embedded edge server solutions that are customizable to meet your needs- get in touch with us today and let us help you find or create the right choice for your unique environment.