Home Appliances – Simply NUC


Share your gaming experiences, keep in touch with your loved ones over the miles, and play interactive family games.


Enrich your life with Simply NUC Home Appliances.

Connecting your home- and connecting you to your experiences

Simply NUC Home Appliances serve a versatility of usages in and around your home. Stream your game-play or local sporting event, unify all your household media devices, or make any surface a fun interactive display.


Whether it’s in the classroom, a retail location, or even at home, interactive displays liven up any situation to increase engagement and captivate your audience – whoever that audience may be!


Let the EasyCAST™ Streaming Solution focus on optimizing your media onto the internet while you focus on creating content to show the world.


The frustration involved with streaming video to different devices will melt away; let the computing power of the AirServer Connect 4K UHD do all of the heavy lifting!

Big experiences right out of a small box

Much more than a mini PC, Simply NUC Home Appliances give you the complete experience you expect- right out of the box.