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Completely Customizable

Unlike unfinished NUC kits available elsewhere, every NUC you order from SimplyNUC comes complete with your choise of storage and RAM and operating system.

Powering the Impossible

With so many features in such a small package, you’ll rethink what’s
possible with the Simply NUC Need to embed the in NUC into an
extremely small enclosure? Looking to drive a better digital signage
experience? Want to deploy full desktop functionality with thin-client
economy? The NUC5i5RYH does things other size-constrained computers
simply can’t..

Superior Graphics & Sound

Equipped with Intel® HD Graphics 6000, Mini HDMI* and Mini Display-
Port* video interfaces, 7.1 surround sound, and an Intel® HD Audio jack,
the Simply NUC renders razorsharp text, stunningly smooth graphics and superior sound for prettier presentations, ultra-vivid video
playback and the ultimate home theater experience.


As the Industry leader in Small Form Factor Computing, Simply NUC specializes in Providing Custom Solutions and Cutting Edge Technology to all our customers and partners.

New NUC 6th Generation

Introducing Intel® NUCs with 6th Generation Processors, the most advanced Ultra Small Form Factor Computers on the planet!

Build a NUC

As a Preferred Platinum Partner with Intel we are able to provide the best Product, Pricing, and Service in the Industry.

Discover our full line of Small Form Factor Computers

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