Completely Customisable

Unlike unfinished NUC kits available elsewhere, every NUC you order from SimplyNUC comes complete with your choice of storage and RAM and operating system.

Powering the Impossible

With so many features in such a small package, you will rethink what’s
possible with Simply NUC systems.  Need to embed the NUC into an
extremely small enclosure? Looking to drive a better digital signage
experience? Want to deploy full desktop functionality with thin-client
economy? The Simply NUC systems do things other size-constrained computers simply can’t.

Superior Graphics & Sound

Equipped with Intel® Iris Plus Graphics, Full size HDMI 2.0 and Thunderbolt (TM) 3 interfaces, 7.1 surround sound, and an Intel® HD Audio jack,
the latest Simply NUC systems render razor sharp text, stunningly smooth graphics and superior sound for prettier presentations, ultra-vivid 4K video
playback and the ultimate home theater experience.


As the Industry leader in Small Form Factor Computing, Simply NUC specialises in Providing Custom Solutions and Cutting Edge Technology to all our customers and partners.

Here’s what our customer’s are saying

“Very good support… I’m glad I bought the NUC and glad I bought it from your company.”

“Thank you very much! I am thrilled with the PC! I have worked in the industry for 28 years and this is hands down the nicest, fastest PC I have ever seen or worked on. Thanks again.”

“I appreciate all of your hard work. Thank you for getting my system straightened out. Again, Simply NUC is tops when it comes to customer service.”

“I was looking at the Simply NUC website and their products, deciding which type of NUC would be ideal for my specific needs, but was still unsure about some of the design specifications of a few particular models (particularity due to my TDP knowledge and requirements). I saw that they had a live support chat feed, so I asked a question and before I knew it, within seconds, I was talking to a real person and, more so, someone who know what they where talking about. Needless to say, I had all my questions answered in detail and at a face-to-face like speed, and then some. The chat feed was so easy to use and navigate. I would just like to personally say a big thank you to Simply NUC, for all your help and recommendations via the online live support feed. I kept asking difficult questions and kept getting the answers I was looking for. What more can I ask for? Great customer service deserves to be recognised, so thank you. You will be seeing my order very soon!”
27/03/18 Darren (Glasgow, Scotland)

Great build and setup from SimplyNUC. Customer support is beyond awesome. Thank you SimplyNUC and congratulations on providing the bleeding edge for us “small format” types.

New NUC 7th Generation

Introducing Intel® NUCs with 7th Generation Processors, the most advanced Ultra Small Form Factor Computers on the planet!

Simply NUC

As a Platinum Level Intel Partner For the last 4 years and counting, we are able to provide the best Product, Pricing, and Service in the Industry.

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