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Simply NUC Mini PCs deliver responsive performance for office applications, high-speed connections for data transfer, and powerful graphics for 4K displays.


Simply NUC Mini PCs are ready to work for you.

Office NUC

FROM SIMPLE TO COMPLEX- We’ve got you covered

From the daily grind to complex tasks, get mind-blowing performance for all of your office apps with Simply NUC Mini PCs designed for Windows* 10 Pro.

Quartz Canyon

Designed to be the smallest workstation available to support desktop graphics, Quartz Canyon gives you unsurpassed performance in a chassis that can sit on a desktop or behind a monitor.


Featuring the new 11th Gen Intel Core mobile processor with Xe graphics, Topaz provides high-speed performance for home and office.

Provo Canyon

A powerful PC for your business – whether it’s creating marketing graphics for the web, editing videos, designing blueprints, or keeping up with project management, Provo Canyon can get the job done easily.


Featuring the new AMD Ryzen™ 4000 mobile processor with Radeon™ Vega graphics, Ruby provides high-speed performance for home and office.


Simply NUC Aspen, based on the ASUS PN50, is an ultracompact computer that delivers powerful performance for a wide variety of home and business applications.

Customized to fit your needs

Handle workloads large or small with Simply NUC Mini PCs. Customize your solution to meet your needs with memory, storage, and operating system of choice.