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Chimney Rock is an ultracompact Long Life NUC that delivers powerful performance for embedded, edge, and IoT applications. Featuring the latest 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors for embedded use with Intel® Xe graphics and support for high-speed 3200MHz DDR4 memory, Chimney Rock is built to withstand the test of time with a 7-year commitment on supply. This NUC is ready to take on demanding workloads providing long term reliability.

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SMALL SIZE, LONG LASTING PERFORMANCE – Create dynamic digital display installations with Chimney Rock via the four DisplayPort and HDMI ports. Power a single 8K display or up to four 4K displays simultaneously. It is also suitable for Intelligent Edge Computing. Dual Ethernet speeds up to 2.5Gbps and Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) networking ensures stable, high-speed data transfers even in crowded networking environments. Dual USB-C ports support data and DisplayPort functionality over a single cable. New on-processor Dual-Video Decode Boxes allow the 11th Gen processors to ingest up to 40 simultaneous video streams at 1080p. And AI-Inferencing with built-in Vector Neural Network instructions boost deep learning performance.

ENHANCED FOR IOT – The Intel embedded technologies in Chimney Rock have been enhanced specifically for IoT. You’ll get optimized performance at every point, practical ways to use artificial intelligence, broad connectivity support, and a built-in foundation of security to help protect your data and systems.


Each of our fully-configured units represents a great starting point for augmenting your business or embedded usage. Choose from three ranks of the advanced 11th Gen Intel® Core™ lineup of processors, or go with an effective yet cost-efficient Celeron. Your Chimney Rock NUC sports a powerful M.2 SSD for lightning-fast response times. Customize your NUC to suit your needs.

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