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With Simply NUC Mini Computers, collaboration has never been easier. Achieve optimal communications flow and learning between instructors, experts, on-line tools, and students both in the classroom and remote with Simply NUC technology.


Power your modern classrooms with Simply NUC Mini Computers.

Classroom Collaboration

streamline your collaborations

Power your classrooms and lecture halls with Simply NUC Mini Computers. Make the most of 4K displays in the room, collaborate easily with your conference solutions of choice, and keep it secure and stable with remote management technology.

Zoom Rooms

Software-based, Flawless Video, Integrated Audio, and Wireless Content Sharing come together on a single appliance for the optimal Zoom Room experience.

AirServer Connect 2

The frustration involved with streaming video to different devices will melt away; let the computing power of the AirServer Connect 2 4K UHD do all of the heavy lifting!


Customize your experience and build up your NUC from scratch - harness the power of the Panther Canyon, Fort Beach, Cypress, or OPS Module today!

bring versatility and efficiency to your classrooms

Start up your session faster with a high-speed connection and instantaneous sharing capabilities. Whether you’re in person or online, Simply NUC Mini Computers with a range of graphics capabilities, low-acoustic footprint, and seamless set-up allows you to focus on your classroom.