Sostrene Grene Case Study

Retail POS Built for Rapid Growth

Most POS systems require ongoing maintenance, but when faulty systems start to negatively impact the customer experience & ultimately revenue, it’s time to upgrade. When upgrading their computer hardware, Søstrene Grene required a solution that was faster, more flexible, and easier to maintain than their previous POS system with legacy hardware. Read our case study on how we worked to design and implement a new custom system for Søstrene Grene that resulted in processing 30% more retail transactions.

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Enhancing Security Solutions with Robust Surveillance: A Partnership for Success

Enhancing Security Solutions
with Robust Surveillance

In an era where safety and security are paramount, organizations are turning to cutting-edge technology solutions to combat crime and protect their communities. Vetted Security Solutions, a leading integrator of security solutions, has partnered with Simply NUC, a global supplier of mini PCs and provider of Intel NUCs, to deliver highly reliable and customized security solutions for law enforcement agencies, municipalities, and academic professionals. 

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