Enhancing Security Solutions with Robust Surveillance

In an era where safety and security are paramount, organizations are turning to cutting-edge technology solutions to combat crime and protect their communities. Vetted Security Solutions, a leading integrator of security solutions, has partnered with Simply NUC, a global supplier of mini PCs and provider of Intel NUCs, to deliver highly reliable and customized security solutions for law enforcement agencies, municipalities, and academic professionals.

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Retail POS Built for Rapid Growth

Most POS systems require ongoing maintenance, but when faulty systems start to negatively impact the customer experience & ultimately revenue, it’s time to upgrade. When upgrading their computer hardware, Søstrene Grene required a solution that was faster, more flexible, and easier to maintain than their previous POS system with legacy hardware. Read our case study or watch our video on how we worked to design and implement a new custom system for Søstrene Grene that resulted in processing 30% more retail transactions.

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